Participant Resources for Climate Watch

Here are the resources and tools you need to participate in Climate Watch in your area.

To get started participating in Climate Watch find a local Coordinator in your area (see Coordinator listing) or click here to explore an in-depth, visual guide to how climate watch works and learn how you can get started on your own.

Please make sure to sign up here  to receive email updates about Climate Watch. 

Listen to a recorded webinar on "Climate Watch for Beginners" recorded April 29, 2020

Then follow these steps below:

   Step 1   |   Step 2   |   Step 3 


Step 1: First, read these to learn how to conduct Climate Watch surveys

Step 2: Next, learn about the ways you can collect and submit your data

Step 3: Before you go out to survey, use these online mapping tools to plan your survey locations

Instructions on how to use the tool to explore squares and plan survey point locations. 

A short video on how to place a  survey point.

If you are asked for login credentials, please follow these steps

1. Go to and login with the provided credentials.

Username : ClimateWatch Password: Audubon1

2. Once logged in and while in the same window, go to the top and navigate to

Instructions for the Claim a Climate Watch Square tool. 

A short video on how to claim a square.







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