Ashley P. Taylor

Ashley P. Taylor is a freelancer writer based in New York. 

Articles by Ashley P. Taylor

Baby Ducks Are Capable of Abstract Thoughts
July 15, 2016 — Experiments show that ducklings can find deeper meaning in the objects they imprint on.
This 3-D-Printed Egg Could Help Us Bring More Baby Vultures Into The World
May 06, 2016 — A new "smart egg" project is teaching conservationists about the secrets of the nest.
Watch: This Little Bird Can Sing With Its Wings
March 30, 2016 — The broadbill's strange song may set your heart aflutter.
How to Welcome Winter Birds
October 06, 2015 — Fall may mean migration, but one bird’s north is just another bird’s south.
Why a Hawk Is a Hummingbird’s Best Friend
September 08, 2015 — The raptors help keep predators away from the tiny birds, new research shows.
Why Do Parrots Talk?
August 06, 2015 — And do they know what they’re saying?