Corryn Wetzel

Reporter, Audubon magazine

Articles by Corryn Wetzel

Three Marbled Godwits, which are large shorebirds, walk in the surge. The image takes on an orange hue, including the birds, due to wildlife smoke. The birds look purposeful and determined as they stride toward the camera.
How a Photographer Captured This Eerie Shot of Godwits in the Haze
September 09, 2021 — Sebastian Velasquez ventured onto a smoky California beach to photograph birds foraging in a landscape choked by wildfire.
Sy Montgomery's Latest Book Celebrates the Fragility and Power of Hummingbirds
August 10, 2021 — In "The Hummingbirds’ Gift," the odds are stacked against two orphaned chicks and their caretakers.
A Swainson's Thrush painted in the Vashon Audubon Mural. The secretive, small brown woodland bird is projected to lose 46 percent of its summer breeding range in Washington State if global warming continues apace.
The Audubon Mural Project Lands in the Pacific Northwest
July 22, 2021 — On Washington's Vashon Island, the community has embraced a public art initiative to inspire conservation of local climate-threatened species.
Turning Off Lights at Night Could Halve Bird Deaths On Chicago’s Lakeshore
July 06, 2021 — An analysis of more than 11,000 birds struck dead by a single building's windows shows turning lights off during migration makes a big difference.
What Is a Songbird, Exactly?
June 17, 2021 — Turns out it’s about more than just carrying a tune.
Meet Elizabeth Gould, the Gifted Artist Behind Her Husband's Famous Bird Books
May 14, 2021 — John Gould's ornithology books were hugely popular and cemented his name in history. But his wife's illustrations were a big reason why.
Striated Caracara. Andrew Stanworth
Unraveling the Mystery of the Caracara
April 21, 2021 — In “A Most Remarkable Creature,” musician Jonathan Meiburg seeks to understand one of the world’s most peculiar birds.
16 Virtual and In-Person Birding Festivals to Celebrate Spring Migration
April 14, 2021 — Your favorite events might look a little different this year, but you’ll find online opportunities to explore birding hotspots from coast to coast.
Rare Photos Reveal the Secretive Life of the Banded Ground-Cuckoo
April 07, 2021 — A photographer and scientist collaborated for over a decade to capture stunning images of the endangered bird
Rare Yellow Penguin Bewilders Scientists
March 03, 2021 — After photos of the striking King Penguin went viral in recent weeks, experts have been searching for answers.