Jason Gregg

Reporter, Audubon Magazine

Articles by Jason Gregg

A fisheye view from above a paraglider, the earth looks remote but the sky is filled with gliders.
To Understand How Birds Soar, a Scientist Looks to Paragliders
March 22, 2024 — Like vultures, the aerial athletes rely on thermals to power their flight. But how do they find these invisible updrafts?
A woman looks something up on her phone in a forest, while high school students to the right hold up a plant and look through binoculars.
Don’t Have Binoculars To Go Birding? Try Borrowing a Pair From the Library
June 30, 2023 — Libraries across the country are lending gear to patrons, creating a new entry point to birding with no costs attached.
Small cards, each with a different bird illustration, spread out on the rocky ground and lit by a flashlight at night.
Seeking Auwo: Inside the Search to Find a Secretive Tropical Bird Lost to Science
February 22, 2023 — Last fall, an international team arrived on a small Papua New Guinea island to look for the elusive Black-naped Pheasant Pigeon. To track it down, they needed help from the experts: the island’s Indigenous hunters.
An aerial view of a hurricane as seen from space.
How Bird Researchers Are Tracking the Impacts of Intensifying Hurricane Seasons
August 31, 2022 — As climate change fuels stronger storms, scientists are using emerging technology and crowdsourcing data to understand their avian toll.
A photographer sits on a sandy beach, her lens balanced on one knee, photographing birds in the distance.
How to Sandproof Your Gear for Beachfront Photography
July 08, 2022 — The beach can be a photographer’s dream—or worst nightmare. Tame unruly sand and salt spray with these pro tips and key tools.
Ziggy Marley Is Here to Teach Kids About ‘Vulture Culture’
April 26, 2022 — A new children’s book by the musician and his wife, Orly, aims to educate youth on the threats the birds face and the vital ecological role they play.
Welcome to the Dark Side: Your Guide to Nocturnal Migration Birding
April 04, 2022 — Here’s everything you need to join a growing DIY community where the action heats up when the sun goes down.
How Birders Are Boosting Their Yard Lists While They Sleep
June 08, 2021 — Using DIY setups and free software, a growing number of community scientists are eavesdropping on nocturnal migrants flying above.
How Birding Lists of the Deceased Are Finding New Life on eBird
May 14, 2020 — To salvage invaluable insights from moldering notebooks, scientists are painstakingly compiling and digitizing decades-old data.
10 New Birds Described in Biggest Avian Discovery in More Than a Century
January 09, 2020 — A six-week 2013 expedition to remote islands in the Indonesian archipelago turned up a treasure trove of unidentified songbirds.