Katie Valentine

Katie Valentine is a Washington, D.C.-based writer and editor who focuses on climate and environmental issues. 

Articles by Katie Valentine

Fat, Flightless, and Funny, Kākāpō Make the Internet a Much Better Place
February 12, 2019 — With a savvy social media presence, caretakers of the endangered parrots have created an utterly delightful, conservation-focused corner of the web.
Are These Quirky Comics Launching a New Generation of Bird Enthusiasts?
September 18, 2018 — From an anxious pigeon to philosophical sparrows, birds star in several popular Instagram comics that explore life's ups and downs.
The Gray Jay Will Officially Be Called the Canada Jay Again
May 25, 2018 — And as it turns out, the bird's name should have been switched back more than 50 years ago.
The Unprecedented Case of Co-Parenting Mama Owls
April 30, 2018 — Such behavior had been unheard of in Great Horned Owls—until a live cam captured this atypical family.
The Amazing Story of the Cold War Space-Egg Race
December 15, 2017 — You’ve probably heard of Laika, the space dog, and Ham, the space chimp. But what about Kentucky, the space chicken?
Female Birdsong Is Finally Getting the Attention It Deserves
August 15, 2017 — A new community-sourced project is tackling the gender and geographical skew in avian song research.
Inside the Controversial Vote to Make the Gray Jay Canada's National Bird
December 07, 2016 — The jay will likely get the title, but representatives for the other four final contenders still have plenty to say about the pick.
The Critically Endangered Kakapo Parrot Is Having One Fantastic Year
August 05, 2016 — A record breeding season and a spike in donations have conservationists hopeful for the flightless New Zealand bird.
High Mercury Levels Pose Another Setback for Arctic Birds
July 22, 2016 — Gone unchecked, the element can lead to sickness, sterility, or even death in breeding shorebirds.
Precious Spoon-Billed Sandpiper Eggs Under Close Watch in the U.K.
June 24, 2016 — The next wave of captive baby Spoon-bills could soon be on their way—a conservation first.