Kristen Schmitt

Kristen A. Schmitt writes about wildlife, sustainable agriculture and the outdoors with articles in National Geographic, Fast Company, Modern Farmer, Civil Eats and others. She hopes to one day learn how to be a falconer and add a few peacocks to her backyard flock at her home in the Adirondacks. 

Articles by Kristen Schmitt

Gorgeous Sunset Shot of Sandhill Cranes Wins Spot on New USPS Stamp
March 01, 2017 — Michael Forsberg’s photo of a flock sweeping over Nebraska's Platte River beat out tens of thousands of other candidates vying for the honor.
These Cleverly Furnished Bird Feeders Are Just Delightful
February 06, 2017 — Thanks to one Maine artist and birder, the next tiny-house trend is here.
Are City Birds More Street Smart?
April 04, 2016 — Urban living may make birds more adept at solving life’s problems.
How to Train Your Raptor—A Master Falconer Shares Her Story
March 30, 2016 — In “Peregrine Spring,” Nancy Cowan reveals how she's spent decades working with birds of prey and their "wild instinct."
Can Birds Actually Start Forest Fires?
February 22, 2016 — Anecdotal evidence suggests that certain birds of prey use fire to their advantage—but the research hasn’t been caught on camera yet.