Lexi Krupp

Reporter, Audubon Magazine

Lexi Krupp is a science and environmental journalist based in New York City. She is a former editorial intern at Audubon.

Articles by Lexi Krupp

As Ospreys Recover, Their Nests Are Sparking Fires and Power Outages
August 02, 2019 — The birds’ preference for tall, open platforms leads them to nest on utility poles. Now companies are becoming proactive about preventing accidents.
The 2019 Audubon Photography Awards: Top 100
July 18, 2019 — Prepare to be delighted by the variety of birdlife and the story behind each stunning image.
How Do You Blaze a Trail That Everyone Can Enjoy?
April 02, 2019 — Birding with a disability can be difficult and lonely. These advocates are working to change that, one park at a time.
After an Injury, Maine's Famous Great Black Hawk Faces an Uncertain Future
January 28, 2019 — [Updated] Rehabbers helping the stray raptor from Mexico now face an ethical dilemma: Where to release a bird thousands of miles from home?
The Interior Department Is Using Faulty Logic to Justify New Oil Projects
January 09, 2019 — A government report claims that extracting 120 million barrels of oil from the Arctic Ocean will lower global carbon emissions. Economists disagree.
Report on Arctic Drilling's Environmental Impacts Is Deeply Flawed, Critics Say
January 04, 2019 — The public can now weigh in on the Trump administration's analysis of how oil development will affect birds and wildlife on Alaska's coastal plain.
Better Know a Bird: The Massive, Fickle Breeding Colonies of Tricolored Blackbirds
December 18, 2018 — At first glance, the species might be hard to distinguish from Red-winged Blackbirds, but wait until they gather by the tens of thousands to nest.
Nepal’s Endangered Vultures Are Finally Making a Comeback
December 10, 2018 — A campaign against a lethal painkiller, paired with “restaurants” that supply clean carcasses, may just save these species.
Everything You Need to Know to Do a Free (and Fun) Christmas Bird Count
November 30, 2018 — You don’t need experience or even binoculars to be part of this age-old holiday tradition.
How Hundreds of Volunteers Protected California's Tricolored Blackbirds
November 19, 2018 — Data collected from a triennial spring survey has helped gain the birds state-wide protections. Now they're being considered for a federal listing.