Molly Bennet

Molly Bennet is a contributing editor at Audubon.

Articles by Molly Bennet

How New Technology Is Making Wind Farms Safer for Birds
May 18, 2021 — Raptors and wind energy have a fraught history. Could these innovations allow them to co-exist? 
Pigeons Are Beautiful, so Start Photographing Them
August 22, 2018 — Photographer Andrew Garn shares his tips for capturing these underrated urban stalwarts in all of their iridescent glory.
How Lost Luggage Led to This Amazing Shot of an Atlantic Puffin
June 21, 2018 — For photographer Ann Pacheco, the potentially trip-ruining mishap ended up being a blessing in disguise.
In ‘American Animals,’ Audubon’s Art Is a Source of Obsession, Greed, and Infamy
June 13, 2018 — To the director and one of the real-life perpetrators of the new crime film, “Birds of America” is more than just a plot point.
Historic Climate Case Led By Kids Is Headed to Trial
November 11, 2016 — Twenty-one children want to hold the federal government accountable for climate change, potentially changing how we handle environmental law.
Good News for the Gulf: Why the Largest Environmental Settlement in U.S. History Won’t Get Wasted
August 31, 2016 — Six years after the BP oil spill, a new plan outlines how billions of dollars dedicated to Gulf Coast restoration will go where it’s needed most.
Here’s the Ugly Mess Coal’s Decline Could Leave Behind
February 29, 2016 — Some of the biggest companies haven’t been setting aside resources to clean up their mines, and the Interior Department is stepping in.
How Two Old Pipelines Put the Great Lakes (and its Birds) at Risk
February 29, 2016 — Environmentalists' worry over a decades-old oil pipeline running under Michigan's water has inspired them to keep closer tabs on local wildlife.
Why Paris May Be One Sinking Nation's Last Hope
November 02, 2015 — A reverend and climate activist from Tuvalu explains what's happening in his home—and why the world must act now to save the island and its residents.
Inside Ralph Steadman's Gonzo World of "Nextinct" Birds
September 10, 2015 — The counterculture hero's latest book of illustrations puts endangered birds in a new context.