Xian Chiang-Waren

Senior Associate Editor, Audubon Magazine

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A blurred person in the background holds an open book with a dark cover.
Add These Bird and Environmental Books to Your Holiday Reading List
December 16, 2021 — No matter what you’re in the mood for, these great reads from 2021 have you covered.  
On Oneida Wetlands, Bird Surveys Affirm Tribal Conservation Success
December 16, 2021 — A recent collaboration between Wisconsin birders and the Oneida Nation demonstrates how the tribe's decades-long habitat restoration paid off.
An aerial view of the Seal River Watershed.
An Indigenous Alliance Rallies to Conserve the Summer Home of Millions of Birds
November 30, 2021 — The Sayisi Dene and their Cree, Dene, and Inuit neighbors are surveying the remote avian habitats of the Seal River Watershed to help support their case for permanent protection.
Elizabeth Kolbert on How We're Trying to Change the Ways We've Changed Nature
February 11, 2021 — In 'Under a White Sky,' the acclaimed journalist explores a new frontier of human innovation: undoing the harm that we've already caused.
How a Landmark Environmental Law May Have Quietly Saved a Billion Birds
January 06, 2021 — New research reveals a previously uncounted benefit of the Clean Air Act—at a time when the Trump administration is weakening its protections.
The Public Gets Just Two Weeks to Weigh In on Seismic Testing in the Arctic Refuge
October 30, 2020 — The proposed survey—preparation for oil drilling—would damage permafrost, threaten species, and leave lasting tracks in the tundra.
Why Nature Writer Helen Macdonald Says We Need to Embrace the Apocalypse
September 21, 2020 — In "Vesper Flights," a timely collection of essays, the bestselling author remains in awe of the natural world, and finds hope amid catastrophe.
Scientists Call for a 'Justice-Centered' Approach to Scientific Research
September 14, 2020 — In a new review paper, researchers connect structural racism to a loss of urban biodiversity, while also addressing biases in academia.