Climate Watch Participants

Resources for ongoing participants and coordinators of Climate Watch


Below is everything you will need to participate in Climate Watch or to learn about being a coordinator.

The next survey will take place January 15 - February 15, 2024 and is open to the public, including all interested Audubon chapters and centers, in addition to organized groups and individuals with an interest in birds. Due to COVID-19 all volunteers must follow these guidelines to ensure safety.

Coordinator Resources for Climate Watch

Here are all the webinars, documents, maps, and other tools you need to coordinate Climate Watch in your area.

Participant Resources for Climate Watch

Here are the resources and tools you need to participate in Climate Watch in your area.

How to Submit Your Data to Climate Watch

So, you've gone out and counted birds following the Climate Watch protocol. Here's how to share it with Audubon climate scientists.

Explore Climate Watch Results: 2016–2020

What have Audubon scientists learned so far about how birds are adapting to climate change? See for yourself with our interactive online tool.

Climate Trailblazer: Leif Anderson, Climate Watch Volunteer

The avid birder whose field observations show the reality of change in Arkansas.

If You Can Identify Any of These Birds, You're Ready for Climate Watch

And if you can't yet, learn them here so you can help Audubon track how certain species are adjusting to climate change.

Audubon Spotlight: Brooke Bateman Is on Climate Watch

As a senior scientist for the National Audubon Society, Bateman's work focuses on helping birds survive climate change.