Activities and DIY

From DIY feeders to quick tips for making a bird-friendly yard or home, here are some fun and creative ways to help—and enjoy—your feathered visitors. 

Bird-Friendly Communities

Make Your Home More Bird-Friendly

From your windows to what plants you grow, there are many ways to make your sanctuary a safe place for avian visitors.

Tips for Feeding Birds:


Making Seed Balls to Help Birds

With this simple DIY, you can spread the power of native plants far and wide.

How to Make Hummingbird Nectar

In a few easy steps, you can bring these nectar-loving birds to your feeder.

Make Your Own Suet

With this easy vegetarian recipe, you can attract insect lovers like woodpeckers and nuthatches.

How To Draw a Bird

A new guide to bird drawing inspires a deeper connection with nature.

Tips for Bird-Friendly Yards:

Native Plants

How to Make Your Yard Bird-Friendly

Make your yard or patio a safe haven for birds in the face of climate change. Native plants provide ideal habitat and food.
Native Plants

To Help Birds This Winter, Go Easy on Fall Yard Work

A manicured lawn might look nice, but messy is better for birds and bugs.
Native Plants

10 Plants for a Bird-Friendly Yard

Choose native plants like these to beautify your real estate and provide food for birds.

At These Hotels, Bugs Are The VIP

Building insect hotels may support beneficial bugs

Birds and Glass:

Audubon for Kids

Make Migration-Friendly Window Decorations

Help your feathered friends through their journey with an easy DIY project.

What Does 'Bird-Safe Glass' Even Mean?

From football stadiums to your own kitchen window, here's your guide to bird-safe glass.
Birding the Backyard

Loving Birds From Inside a Glass House

It's not just skyscrapers that threaten birds—our homes pose a huge risk, too. Here's what I learned when I tried to do something about mine.

‘Knests’ For the Kneedy

This simple DIY project provides plenty of comfort for orphaned birds.

More Projects

Bird-Friendly Communities

How to Make a Birdbath

Help your feathered friends beat the heat this summer with this easy DIY birdbath.

Build a Brush Pile for Birds

This simple backyard project offers shelter for birds in all seasons.

How to Make a DIY Bird Feeder From Recycled Materials

Attract birds to your yard with a project that's fun for kids of all ages.

Want to Keep Rescued Birds Toasty? Dress Them Up.

By Erica Langston
December 15, 2015 — While most birds can keep warm all on their own, a few organizations are helping out rescued chicks with adorable knitted (and sewn) outfits.