Audubon Magazine March-April 2013

Courtesy of Jonathan Franzen
Why I'm A Birder

Jonathan Franzen

The best-selling author calls discovering birds “the third major revelation of my life."

Umbrella Species: Greater Sage Grouse

Protecting the West's sagebrush landscape goes way beyond merely protecting the greater sage-grouse. 

Saving Species on the Brink

Three success stories show just how far we’ll go to protect birds from extinction. 


10 Things You Can Do For Birds

Plant a garden. Be a citizen scientist. Join “Lights Out.” Your steps can make a difference.

The Grange Insurance Audubon Center sits within easy reach of downtown Columbus, Ohio. Photograph by Eric Lipschutz

Audubon View

To hear nature’s voice, simply follow the birds.

Anna's Hummingbird feeds chicks in nest (Calypte anna).  Irvine, California Photo by Hal Beral

The Gift of Caring for Baby Hummingbirds

One writer learns that this task is anything but a burden. 

Avian Inspiration Takes Flight to New Heights

Birds’ wing physiology and flying behaviors still influence aeronautics today.

Olympic Stadium Takes Cue from Birds

At 1,093 feet long and 971 feet wide, this arena resembles one gargantuan nest.

The Amazing Brainpower of Birds

Few animals have taught neuroscience more than songbirds.

Unlocking the Mystery of Flocks

Groups of birds are providing insight into human behavior.

Put a Bird On It

From phone cases to shoes, avian-adorned products sell.

Birds as Pollution Detectors

Common species help scientists recognize toxins, measure mercury levels, and more.

Carefully extracting a Florida Grasshopper Sparrow from a mist net at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park. Joel Sartore

The Most Endangered Bird in the Continental U.S.

The fight to save the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow inspires all who love wildlife.

Mission of Mercy

A routine jog leads to a chance encounter with an injured northern gannet—and a determined effort to set things right.

Visualizing Birdsong

Avian calls like you’ve never seen them before.

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