Audubon Magazine November-December 2010

Audubon Guide to Winter Bird-Feeding

A world-renowned ornithologist shows how, with the right combination of feeder and food, your backyard can be a refuge for birds and a stage for watching their colorful antics.

The usually elusive southern brown kiwi is easily seen on Stewart Island’s Ocean Beach, where the birds appear in the evening to feed on invertebrates in the wrack line.  Tui De Roy / Minden Pictures
International Travel

Kiwi Country

In a land where sheep outnumber people, a birder exploring New Zealand’s far corners encounters some of the rarest and most unusual birdlife on earth.

Storm Chaser

Out on the Great Plains a photographer documents one of the natural world’s truly awe-inspiring journeys.

Volunteer Gena Estaville feeds hundreds of pelicans on Rabbit Island, off western Louisiana, and helps biologists from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries count released birds with yellow, red, pink, and green bands.  Kim Hubbard

Volunteer Army

When the Gulf oil spill threatened birds and beaches, tens of thousands of citizens signed up to lend a hand. Five months later, they’re still working hard.

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