Audubon MagazineNovember-December 2010

Life Under the Snow

The winter landscape can appear essentially barren of wildlife, but a surprising array of life thrives above, within, and beneath blankets of snow.

Joining Forces to Save the Snowy Plover

Two determined Southern California biologists are on a mission to save one of our cutest, and most besieged, birds. Joggers, surfers, and dogs had better watch out.

Audubon Guide to Winter Bird-Feeding

By Steve Kress
January 19, 2012 — A world-renowned ornithologist shows how, with the right combination of feeder and food, your backyard can be a refuge for birds and a stage for watching their colorful antics.

Storm Chaser

By Julie Leibach
September 07, 2011 — Out on the Great Plains a photographer documents one of the natural world’s truly awe-inspiring journeys.
International Travel

Kiwi Country

By Mel White
September 07, 2011 — In a land where sheep outnumber people, a birder exploring New Zealand’s far corners encounters some of the rarest and most unusual birdlife on earth.

Volunteer Army

By Michele Berger
September 06, 2011 — When the Gulf oil spill threatened birds and beaches, tens of thousands of citizens signed up to lend a hand. Five months later, they’re still working hard.

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