Audubon Magazine November-December 2014

Chandler Robbins' binoculars Robert Wright

Three Generations of Citizen Science: The Pioneer

Fifty years after launching the breeding bird survey, 70 years after starting a career in bird conservation, and nearly 100 years after his birth, Chan Robbins is still watching closely.

Tokyo's Got a Parrot Problem

Feral parakeets, let loose after an exotic pet craze, have taken over the world's largest city.

Audubon View: Rallying Cry

Audubon's climate report changes the American landscape of ideas.

CO2 bubbling from seafloor vents acidifies the water. Ischia, Italy.  Credit: David Liittschwager/National Geographic Society/Corbis

Old Mine Detectors Find New Purpose in the Battle Against Climate Change

Retrofitted Submersibles might offer a better understanding the deep sea carbon cycle.

Some of the residents of Fitzgerald prefer to keep wandering junglefowl at a considerable distance–far from their lovingly tended gardens. But other lay out the welcome mat when the birds come to visit. Credit: Russell Kaye

Stalking the Wild Ur-Chicken

A small town in Georgia may hold the genetic key to the future of poultry.

International Travel

Galapagos Journal: Tracing Darwin’s Footsteps

Inspired by the great naturalist, a modern writer keeps a Galápagos journal of her own.

International Travel

Galapagos Journal: A Quest to See a Place Untouched by Climate Change

A brush with mortality spurs a trip to the equator.

A male sage grouse splays tail feathers to attract a mate.  Credit: Joel Sartore
Working Lands

Rethinking the Endangered Species List

Some threatened species may never earn "endangered" status. Here's why that may be a good thing.

There are plenty of healthy, environmentally friendly items in a normal grocery store—you just have to know how to shop.  Credit: Karsten Moran/The New York Times

How To Cook Like Michael Pollan

The author reveals how to cut calories and carbon emissions—and you won’t even have to make a trip to the farmer’s market. 

Purple Martin Credit: John James Audubon/National Audubon Society

Real Estate for Purple Martins

Biologists and volunteers are using maps to bring a beloved species back to Wisconsin.

Illustration: Ryan Berkley
Illustrated Aviary

Cedar Waxwing

Ryan Berkley reimagines this avian just in time for the Christmas Bird Count.

I Dream of Gigi

In Pelican Dreams, documentary filmmaker Judy Irving explores the modern lives of ancient seabirds

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