Conservation Ranching

Working with landowners to support better bird habitat.

Our Strategy

Grassland birds have suffered an unparalleled decline over the past half century, stemming from widespread development of North America’s grasslands. This calls for Audubon's action. To combat the negative effects of grassland degradations—and to keep grass on the landscape—Audubon has developed the Conservation Ranching Initiative. This market-based conservation approach offers incentives for good grassland stewardship through a certification label on beef products. For the first time, consumers can contribute to grassland conservation efforts by selectively purchasing beef from Audubon-certified farms and ranches.

The Audubon certification seal brings a broad market appeal that enhances demand by consumers that want options for beef that is sustainably raised and benefits wildlife habitat.

About Conservation Ranching
For Retailers and Institutions
For Retailers and Institutions

Learn why you should carry products that meet the desires of your eco-conscious customers.

Our Team

Melinda Cep

Vice President, Natural Solutions and Working Lands

Christopher Wilson

Program Director, Audubon Conservation Ranching

Farley Green

Marketing Manager, Audubon Conservation Ranching

Anthony Hauck

Communications Manager, Audubon Conservation Ranching

Birds That Depend on Grasslands
! Priority Bird
Blackbirds and Orioles
Chestnut-collared Longspur
Longspurs and Snow Buntings
Greater Prairie-Chicken
Pheasants and Grouse
American Golden-Plover