Jennifer Huizen

Articles by Jennifer Huizen

Birds Ring the Environmental Alarm—and Inspire Action—in New Documentary

December 03, 2015 — “The Messenger” tells us that the world’s songbirds are disappearing—and we need to heed their warning.

How One Birder Went from Enthusiast to (Almost) Scientist

December 03, 2015 — By day Minnesota native Beth Siverhus is a medical technologist, but in her off hours, she’s a bit of a bird superhero.

Why the Dodo Deserves a New Reputation

October 26, 2015 — Armed with 3-D scanning technology, one researcher is out to reinvent our perception of a long-extinct bird.

Monty Python's Life of Birds

October 06, 2015 — A look back on some of the greatest bird-themed skits from Britain’s most legendary gang of comics.

Volunteers Are Keeping Track of Airport Arrivals of the Bird Kind

September 18, 2015 — Planting native grasses around airfields could be the key to helping birds and planes coexist.

What’s a Chimney Swift Without a Chimney?

September 15, 2015 — North Carolinians are taking big steps to protect their swifts from becoming homeless.

Following the Turtle-Dove’s Trail

August 19, 2015 — Researchers tracked the travels of a heroic bird to solve the mystery of the doves’ shocking decline in the U.K.

Birds Are Taking Over the World, One GoPro at a Time

July 24, 2015 — Compared to humans, birds may actually be better amateur cameramen.

Darling Guillemot Chicks Make Their Debut

July 08, 2015 — These fascinating seabirds might make you forget your usual reality TV show.

Rare Albino Raven Murdered

July 01, 2015 — A rehabbed corvid’s caretaker wants to find its killer before it's too late.