Kim Steutermann Rogers

Reporter, Audubon Magazine

Kim Steutermann Rogers is a freelance journalist living on Kaua`i and covering, mostly, the unique and often endangered species of Hawai`i’s flora and fauna. Follow her writing at


Articles by Kim Steutermann Rogers

An eight-inch black bird with a long bill sits in a tree with many waxy green leaves. The photo quality is not very sharp, giving away the photo's age—it was taken in 1975.
Wave of Hawaiian Bird Extinctions Stresses the Islands’ Conservation Crisis
October 06, 2021 — Eight Hawaiian forest bird species are now extinct, including six honeycreepers. Only 17 of 50-plus honeycreeper species remain.
The Hawaiian Crow Is Once Again Extinct in the Wild
October 16, 2020 — After releasing 30 birds in the past four years, researchers were forced to bring the few survivors home for protection and further study.
Do Bird-Eating Mice Pose a Danger to Wisdom the Albatross?
April 13, 2018 — She's survived more than six decades of trials and tribulations, but Midway Atoll's mouse problem is a new threat.
Meet Nine, a Fledgling Albatross That Could One Day Help Save Her Species
August 29, 2017 — The teenage years aren't easy for young Laysan Albatross as they awkwardly grow into flight feathers. This is the third story in our series about efforts to create a new albatross colony in Hawaii, one egg at a time.
To Save Albatross From Sea Level Rise, an Experimental Colony Lifts Off
March 29, 2017 — In Hawaii, conservationists dutifully tend to downy Laysan Albatross chicks at a new nesting colony created to ensure the species’ future. This is the second of three stories about efforts to save the birds, one egg at a time.
On the Ground With the U.S. Navy's Albatross Adoption Agency
January 25, 2017 — Laysan Albatross stubbornly nest in the same spot year after year—even if it’s next to a U.S. Navy runway in Hawaii. This is the first of three stories about efforts to save them, one egg at a time.
Hawaii Counts: Meet 10 Island Birds Now Eligible For Your Life List
December 22, 2016 — The American Birding Association recently voted to include Hawaii birds in their official checklist. Get to know some of the newcomers.