Lauren Leffer

Reporter, Audubon magazine

Lauren Leffer is a science and environmental journalist based in Brooklyn, New York.

Articles by Lauren Leffer

More Than 1,000 Birds Collided With a Single Chicago Building in One Night

October 06, 2023 — Weather conditions, a pulse of migrating warblers, and bright lights combined to create a wave of bird death across the city Thursday morning.
Close up of a brown and white bird with a long curved yellow beak looking at the camera, held in someone's hands.

A Migrating Cuckoo Named Hummus Makes a Tasty Case for Land Conservation

August 31, 2023 — On its international journey south, one federally threatened bird has passed through at least six protected areas.

Apparently Magpies and Crows Are Using "Anti-Bird Spikes" to Make Their Nests

July 13, 2023 — Birds often incorporate human-made materials while nest building, but a new study shows European corvids are taking the idea to the extreme.

The Many Styles of Bird Migration Are More Varied Than You Think

April 13, 2022 — It's the journey, not the destination.

The Planet Is Undergoing an Ecological Transformation, Imperiling Biodiversity Everywhere

March 04, 2022 — In a decade, 9 percent of all species worldwide could be at risk of total extinction, according to a new UN report on climate change

Many Birds Are Shrinking and Growing Longer Wings as the World Warms. Why?

February 07, 2022 — A growing body of research suggests a warming world could mean smaller birds with longer wings, but nothing about the findings is settled.

As Threats to Chile’s Birds Grow, a New Strategy Promises Stronger Protections

February 04, 2022 — Advocates are optimistic that the just-launched bird conservation framework will catch on throughout Latin America.

10 Fun Facts about the House Finch

December 21, 2021 — These common and adaptable birds provide a welcome pop of color at feeders from coast to coast. But they weren’t always so ubiquitous.

6 Unexpected Ways Birds Are Important for the Environment (and People)

December 17, 2021 — Birds play countless roles in healthy ecosystems—which is why preserving bird diversity helps everyone.

How to Feed Birds Safely This Winter

December 16, 2021 — Follow these tips to ensure that you’re creating a healthy environment for wildlife visitors you attract to your yard.