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Articles by Leslie Nemo

Check Out Conner Youngblood's Moving Music Video Featuring a Utah Bird Refuge
July 09, 2018 — The talented performer captures the essence of the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in this immersive ode.
Thanks to Mom, a Photographer Finally Gets His Dream Shot
January 26, 2018 — Here, Peter Mather shares the story behind this long-sought image of a Bald Eagle and two eaglets.
A Questionable Piece of Legislation Could Drastically Change Our National Forests
January 24, 2018 — Currently sitting in the Senate: a bill to expand the Forest Service’s ability to cut down trees without going through proper environmental checks.
Snowy Owls at Airports Are Often Shot—But They Don’t Have to Be
December 15, 2017 — Thanks to lessons learned during the last Snowy Owl influx, more airports and falconers are prepared to remove the birds humanely.
Zinke Proposes Opening Three Marine Monuments to Commercial Fishing
December 08, 2017 — If the Secretary of the Interior's recommendations are followed, the delicate ecosystems within each protected area could collapse.
Ten Tips for Waterfowl Beginners
November 30, 2017 — Ducks, geese, and swans are extremely common. Take advantage of that to sharpen your birding skills.
Two Widely Used Pesticides Found to Disorient and Sicken Migrating Songbirds
November 21, 2017 — A new study shows that relatively low doses of chlorpyrifos or imidacloprid can be detrimental to small birds like sparrows.
Hold Onto Your Bins: Another Blizzard of Snowy Owls Could Be Coming
November 17, 2017 — Will this winter bring an irruption of the Arctic raptors to the continental U.S.? A few clues from up north have Project SNOWstorm predicting yes.
A Year Later, It's Take Two for the Hawaiian Crow's Return to the Wild
November 14, 2017 — After three birds didn't survive a 2016 reintroduction attempt, the ʻAlalā Project revamped its strategies to make this year's release a success.
Just in Time for Thanksgiving: A New Audubon Exhibit With the Gallant Wild Turkey as the Lead
November 10, 2017 — The New-York Historical Society debuts its most ambitious display of 'Birds of America' artifacts yet, slated for 36 years of exhibition.