Sabrina Imbler

Sabrina Imbler writes about science and environmental justice. She is currently based in Brooklyn.

Articles by Sabrina Imbler

Audubon Spotlight: Desiree Loggins Is Building a Diverse Coalition by the Border
March 22, 2018 — As a regional network manager working in the Southwest, Loggins unites communities to fight against a wall that would harm birds and people.
Pretty Little Fliers
March 15, 2018 — These glamorous female birds outshine their male partners.
We Now Know the Real Range of the Extinct Carolina Parakeet
December 15, 2017 — After sifting through historic records—and forgeries—a researcher created a much more accurate map of where the bird lived.
What's at Stake: Fighting for Environmental Justice
September 21, 2017 — Margaret Gordon’s reports on pollution in her West Oakland neighborhood allege racial discrimination by the city and industries. They’ll be ignored if the EPA’s environmental justice initiatives are hobbled.
How Australia's Aborigines Are Using Fire to Save the Dazzling Gouldian Finch
September 16, 2016 — A new burn program led by Kija rangers is helping bring back the beloved birds while delivering hope to an impoverished community.
Climate Change Might Have Some Gulls Resorting to Cannibalism
August 08, 2016 — With rising sea temperatures making food scarce, Puget Sound's Glaucous-winged Gulls have turned to their own species for nourishment.
Why National Parks Are Actually Secret Museums
August 03, 2016 — A photographer documents the hidden wildlife and historical collections at America's famous natural monuments.
The Secret Superpower of Birds, Revealed
July 27, 2016 — Researchers have figured out how some species of birds deploy UV vision.
Oil Spill Cleanups Are Dangerously Deceptive
July 19, 2016 — Washing off an oil-covered bird is only half the battle. A new story in "Hakai" explains why.
The Rise of the Patriarchy Is Bad News for Birds (Duh)
July 13, 2016 — Males are dominating smaller groups of migratory birds—a phenomenon that could accelerate local extinctions.