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Contributor, Audubon Magazine

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A colorful illustration shows a phenology wheel—a scientific diagram that uses a series of concentric circles to show the alignment of sunlight, plant growth, and insect emergence. In this illustration, birds are flying chaotically around the wheel, showing their struggle to keep up with the advancement of spring.
A Matter of Timing: Can Birds Keep Up With Earlier and Earlier Springs?
April 13, 2022 — The seasons are changing as the planet warms. Some migratory species may break under the strain—but others could surprise us.
Where Burrowing Owls Are Your Neighbors
July 21, 2020 — On Florida's Marco Island, families of the small owls live among the locals, who keep a close eye on the birds to ensure they will always feel welcome.
Endangered Kirtland’s Warbler Makes Unexpected Debut in Jamaica
February 15, 2019 — Scientists aren't sure whether the appearance is a range expansion or a migration mishap. Either way, it's a sign of the species' recovery.
This Little Warbler Could Lead to Big Discoveries About Migration
March 28, 2018 — After bouncing back from near extinction, the Kirtland's Warbler is helping scientists understand the outsize role of winter habitat for migratory birds.
Why You Shouldn't Feed or Bait Owls
December 16, 2016 — Some photographers use live mice or even cat toys to attract owls for an action shot. The photo isn't worth it—here's why.
How One Underappreciated Habitat Is a Boon for Birds
March 01, 2016 — Shrublands may not be as iconic as other natural settings, but they’re finally getting the respect they deserve.
Why Thousands of Dead Seabirds Are Washing Ashore in Alaska
January 13, 2016 — One of the largest die-offs in Alaskan history has wildlife biologists puzzling over what’s to blame.
Sitting Ducks: Why Millions of Arctic Seabirds Are in Danger
December 31, 2015 — Oil spills, climate change, fishing, shipping routes—threats facing Arctic seabirds are vast, and hard to track.
Turn Your Yard Into A Hummingbird Spectacular
April 08, 2015 — Make smart plant choices and, with a little bit of work, your backyard can host these tiny miracles (and help scientists save them).
The Return of the SNOWstorm
February 20, 2015 — Experts continue to track Snowy Owls through yet another southern irruption.