Xander Zellner

Xander Zellner is a reporter for Audubon. He can be reached at xzellner@audubon.org.

Articles by Xander Zellner

Building a New Future for the Colorado River
July 12, 2016 — Audubon's new Colorado River Project director, Jennifer Pitt, talks about how we can save one of the country's most iconic waterways.
Birding on the Rise in Beijing
May 16, 2016 — Even the city’s notorious pollution hasn’t stopped this growing trend.
How Do Barn Owls Fly So Silently?
May 13, 2016 — The secret to an owl’s stealthy flight lies in the shape of its feathers.
Will the Duck Stamp Get a New Look?
April 08, 2016 — A new plan will either upend or expand an 82-year-old hunting tradition.
Why Turkeys And Other Birds Make Great Therapy Animals
March 23, 2016 — The woman who made headlines after bringing her pet turkey on a plane shares her side of the story.
A Brief History of President-Bird Companionship
February 12, 2016 — Even the leader of the free world needs a feathered friend sometimes.
12 Charming Photos That Let You Get Up Close And Personal With Birds
February 02, 2016 — Leila Jeffreys’s portraits offer a clean, unique perspective on dozens of spectacular species.
U.S. Court Upholds Airports' Right to Legally Kill Snowy Owls and Other Birds
January 29, 2016 — A new ruling seals a 2014 decision that permits the Port Authority to sidestep the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
Overfishing Starves Seabirds—Here's How to Fish Responsibly
January 21, 2016 — New research confirms that, predictably, seabirds starve when fisheries are nearby.
Like Birds, Dinosaurs Danced to Woo
January 11, 2016 — New fossil prints show that even big predators weren't above getting groovy to get lucky.