Restoring the Gulf of Mexico

Building a resilient Gulf Coast for birds and people

What Coastal Bird Stewardship Looks Like

To make our coastal communities stronger and to protect habitat vital for birds and other wildlife, Audubon is recommending an investment of more than $1.7 billion dollars across the 5 Gulf states and regionally to fund a suite of 30 projects that are crucial to help the region’s birds recover.

Audubon scientists identified over 8 million acres of suitable habitat for priority bird species across the Gulf that should be prioritized for restoration and conservation. These habitats include barrier and bay islands, headland beaches, intertidal bars and flats, and saltwater marshes and range from south Texas to the Florida panhandle.

Audubon's presence in the Gulf

4 state or coastal  offices
71 chapters
118,000 members
94 staff
19 nature centers and sanctuaries
5 states participating in coastal stewardship programs
641 coastal stewardship and Audubon coastal bird survey sites

Birds That Depend on a Healthy Gulf