Audubon Magazine Spring 2020

Purnima Barman (front) and women in Assam, India, sang traditional songs, adapted with stork lyrics, and danced in headdresses at a recent baby shower. Smita Sharma

How Baby Showers Are Helping to Restore an Endangered Stork's Sullied Reputation

Women in India have banded together to build empathy for the Greater Adjutant Stork—starting by celebrating the bird's nesting season.


Meet the Inmates Working to Rebuild the Greater Sage-Grouse's Home

Participants in the Sagebrush in Prisons Project find peace and purpose helping the bird's habitat recover from increasingly devastating wildfires.

Bald Eagle. Illustration: Mike McQuade; Photo:  Anthony Goldman/Audubon Photography Awards

This Brutal Pesticide Creates a 'Circle of Death.' So Why Is It Making a Comeback?

Carbofuran, a century-old chemical, is increasingly being weaponized against birds and other wildlife, decimating entire food webs.

A plane seen over Knoop Prairie. Andrew Spear/The New York Times/Redux

On a Patch of Ohio Prairie, Aviation and Conservation Collide

An Audubon center is fighting to protect Dayton's Knoop Prairie from development, saying the environmental costs go too far.


When Female Birds Are Overlooked, Conservation Suffers

Ornithologists are trying to correct biases and misguided assumptions that can undermine environmental efforts and scientific knowledge.

A Bald Eagle perches on a lamppost in Kodiak, Alaska. Design Pics Inc/National Geographic Creative
Audubon View

In the Fight Against Climate Change, Let's Not Trade One Tragedy for Another

Audubon will hold politicians and power companies accountable so we don't sacrifice birds to achieve much-needed carbon reductions.

Letter From The Editor

Conservation History Provides Lessons We Should Heed

By examining our past, we can navigate toward a better, safer future.

Illustrated Aviary

Reimagining the Black Skimmer

Ana Galvañ uses warm tones, stencil textures, and bold shapes to reimagine this graceful seabird.

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