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A New Plastic Wave Is Coming to Our Shores

A glut of natural gas has led to a U.S. production surge in tiny plastic pellets, called nurdles, that are washing up on coasts by the millions.


Three Ways You Can Do Bird Science From Your Couch

Researchers could use birders' sharp eyes to help with these digital community-science projects.


How Nature Journaling Can Make You a Better Birder

If you find yourself losing interest in common birds, it might be time to start appreciating them in a new way.

Barn Swallow. Dennis Derby/Audubon Photography Awards

Birding by Ear Can Be Challenging, But There’s Help at Hand

Looking to learn bird songs? Here are some courses and tools to guide you no matter your skill level.

An American Dipper leaps from the rushing water below to feed its' young in Rocky Mountain National Park. Michael Forsberg

Meet the Dipper, North America's Only Aquatic Songbird

A photographer spent years on rushing streams in the Rocky Mountains documenting the remarkable American Dipper.


How to Make a Comic About Birds

Rosemary Mosco, creator of ‘Bird and Moon,’ shares tips and techniques for turning a funny idea into a cartoon.


Learn to Draw Birds with David Sibley

The simple act of drawing can change the way you look at the world—and the way you understand birds. Get started with this video series.


Finally, a Bird-Themed Spotify Playlist (No, It's Not a Bunch of Bird Calls)

It's no coincidence that the avian-themed songs on biologist Amanda Gallinat's playlist echo the order of a field guide.

Building nest boxes for Barn Owls might help tamp down deer mice—and also a hantavirus that can jump from mice to people. Lee Dalton/Alamy
Field Notes

How Protecting Habitats Could Help Prevent Future Pandemics

Wildlife health is not separate from our own. To forestall new infectious "spillover" events, experts are looking to familiar conservation tools.

Letter From The Editor

The Surreal Challenge of Making a Magazine During an Unthinkable Spring

Creating our summer issue meant balancing the desire for escape with a deeper need to face the moment.

Audubon Photography Awards

The 2020 Audubon Photography Awards: Top 100

Take a scroll through this year's spectacular, artistic, and playful avian images, while reading the story behind each.

Cosmo, the Tufted Puffin, in Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. Mason Trinca
Illustrated Aviary

Reimagining the Tufted Puffin

Angela Haseltine Pozzi's nonprofit turns litter from Oregon beaches into 'beautiful and horrifying' sculptures of wildlife harmed by plastic pollution.

Bald Eagle. Graham McGeorge/Audubon Photography Awards
Audubon View

Vote Your Audubon Values This November

If you want a country where birds and people thrive, support candidates who will deliver on their promises for a better future—for everyone.

Los Angeles freeway during the coronavirus pandemic. adamkaz/iStock
Field Notes

Can There Be a Green and Just Economic Recovery From the Pandemic?

As politicians and the fossil fuel industry seek to restore a status quo, the course chosen now will dictate our climate future.

Field Notes

It's Time to Build a Truly Inclusive Outdoors

As the nation continues to confront racism, the birding community must embrace difficult conversations.

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