Rivers, Lakes, and Wetlands

We protect water resources for birds and people.

Water for people and birds.

Audubon works to ensure that we have clean and abundant water in rivers, lakes, streams, wetlands, and marshes in landscapes where this is paramount to birds’ survival. Audubon connects science, policy, and advocacy to provide measurable and scalable impact.

How We Work, Where We Work

Audubon helps restore freshwater wetlands, riparian areas, and land around the saline lakes of the Intermountain West, and works with federal and local officials to secure funding to keep these vital areas protected and productive.

Audubon's Work on Water Issues

Horseshoe Reservoir: An Opportunity to Restore 

September 25, 2023 — Audubon StoryMap explores riverside habitat rehabilitation options within footprint of reservoir on the Verde River 
A landscape of a river.

Audubon Provides Water to Albuquerque’s Rio Grande Stretch to Protect Birds, Fish, and Communities

August 31, 2023 — Through partnerships, Audubon helps to keep the Rio Grande alive in town.

Arizona Grants $113 Million to Promote Water Savings

August 22, 2023 — Funds will support innovative water metering, agricultural improvements, and turf replacement initiatives.

Short-term Federal Management on Colorado River Needs Long-term Outlook

June 27, 2023 — And an urgent need to consider irreplaceable habitats.

What Can I Do to Save Water?

June 13, 2023 — Pro tips to help you conserve Arizona’s most precious resource.