Jonathan Carey

Jonathan is a freelance journalist residing in New York City covering science, conservation, and environmental issues. 

Articles by Jonathan Carey

Hundreds of Atlantic Piping Plovers Are Missing After Hurricane Matthew

December 14, 2016 — Areas of the Bahamas where populations of the birds overwinter were decimated by the October storm.

Wildlife Trafficking Is the Biggest Threat to Birds on the 2016 IUCN Red List

December 07, 2016 — The updated list, which covers hundreds of newly identified bird species, also details two major conservation successes.

How Baby Kiwis in Virginia Will Help Preserve an Ancient Maori Tradition

December 06, 2016 — At the Smithsonian's world-class breeding center, conservationists are working to preserve a beloved New Zealand bird and culture.

Meet the London Street Artist Who Painted Bird Murals All Over Harlem

December 02, 2016 — The Audubon Mural Project's latest collaborator spreads conservation awareness through vibrant street art.

Remote and Vast, Our New Marine Monuments Are Difficult to Protect

November 23, 2016 — Unable to constantly patrol the waters, fishery enforcement agencies need new methods and technologies for monitoring these areas.

Should the Whooping Crane Shooter's Fine Have Been Higher?

October 28, 2016 — The Texas man who killed two of the endangered birds will pay $25,810—one-fifth the cost of raising a single Whooping Crane to adulthood.

Watch: The Male Costa's Hummingbird Puts On One Wild Mating Display

October 12, 2016 — The behavior is rarely seen, and it's one of the more dramatic examples of courtship in the bird world.

Birds Avoid Mid-Air Collisions By Following These Two Simple Rules

October 03, 2016 — While studying new technologies for drones, researchers discovered the instincts that keep birds from colliding.

The Collaborative Effort to Save the Greater Sage-Grouse Continues

September 22, 2016 — One year after it was announced that the bird would not be listed for protection under the Endangered Species Act, an update.

Northern Spotted Owls Bullied Onto California's Threatened Species List

September 09, 2016 — The question now is, can human law save them from a Barred Owl invasion?