Meaghan Lee Callaghan

Meaghan Lee Callaghan is a science writer currently working as an intern at Audubon.

Articles by Meaghan Lee Callaghan

For Spectacular Shorebird Shots, Go Low
August 04, 2017 — Dropping to shorebird height is key to capturing intimate, sharp photos. These tips and products will help you get down.
Watch: New Shrike Film Shows Previously Undocumented 'Butcher Bird' Behaviors
June 06, 2017 — A filmmaker spent two years capturing rare footage of nesting Loggerhead Shrikes, including young birds practicing their impaling skills—on leaves.
With Songbird Populations Declining, Vermont Seeks to Keep Its Forests Intact
June 05, 2017 — Thanks to Audubon Vermont and others, the already green state is becoming even more proactive about preventing forest fragmentation.
B.A.R.K. Rangers Protect Plovers by Being Model Canine Citizens
June 02, 2017 — New outreach programs in national and state parks turn canine foes into friends of nesting birds and other wildlife.
Meet Old Man Plover, the Pride of the Great Lakes
May 17, 2017 — He’s had a long life and dozens of chicks. But most importantly, he’s a symbol of prosperity for a rebounding species and region.
Lose Yourself in Lang Elliot's Immersive 'Soundscapes' of the American West
May 12, 2017 — You’ve probably heard Elliot’s wildlife recordings before. Now, take an auditory journey with him on his new podcast, “The Music of Nature.”
British Birders Chartered Private Flights to See Europe's First Red-winged Blackbird
May 02, 2017 — The bird, a female, was reported on a remote Scottish island this weekend, inspiring "twitchers" throughout the UK to go on the chase of their lives.
Quiz: Which of These 12 North American Birds Summer in the Arctic?
April 24, 2017 — Many familiar species depend on the Arctic for breeding. Discover seven of them and test your bird smarts with this quiz.
Study on Pigeon Genes Finds Yet Another Way Science Underrepresents Females
April 21, 2017 — Males are often the default sex for studies, but new research showing sexes are more genetically different than previously thought could change that.
Wake up to Gentle Birdsong with This New Smartphone App
April 14, 2017 — Ease into your morning with a new birdsong alarm clock, created by the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.