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Inside the World of Elite Bird Costuming
June 30, 2017 — A niche part of the larger "furry" subculture, bird costumers create carefully crafted, life-size versions of avians and other bird-like creatures.
Washington State Audubon Chapters Rally to Help Save the Marbled Murrelet
January 26, 2017 — This seabird with unusual nesting habits is endangered due to loss of old-growth forest stands in the Pacific Northwest.
New Research Shows Hummingbirds Need Exceptional Brains to Hover
January 06, 2017 — Moving in all directions requires some serious brainpower.
Scientists Discover First Mummified Example of a Feathered Dinosaur Tail
December 09, 2016 — The rare, amber-encased fossil, which belonged to a young coelurosaur, tells a new story about feather evolution.
The Common Swift Is No Longer the Fastest-Flying Animal
November 21, 2016 — And here's a surprise: It wasn't even dethroned by another bird.
Scientists Finally Have Evidence That Frigatebirds Sleep While Flying
August 11, 2016 — According to a new study, the birds can stay aloft for weeks by power napping in ten-second bursts.
Genes Play a Big Role in Songbirds' Travel Plans
July 29, 2016 — New research shows that Swainson's Thrushes use a "genetic map" to pick their migration routes.
The Audubon Guide to Catching "Birds" in Pokémon Go
July 14, 2016 — Flying pokémon are everywhere. Here's how you can master them—both in your neighborhood and at your nearest Audubon Pokéstop.
New Bulbul Species Was Hiding in Plain Sight, Scientists Say
July 06, 2016 — In a classic case of cryptic speciation, one South Asian songbird is found to have a doppelganger.
A Stunning Look at the First 3-D Prehistoric Bird Wings Ever Found by Scientists
June 30, 2016 — The fossils were discovered in Myanmar amber—a form of mummification that's typical for insects.