Susan Matthews

Susan E. Matthews is the former senior web editor for Audubon.

Articles by Susan Matthews

An Organic Chicken Farm in Georgia Has Become an Endless Buffet for Bald Eagles
September 16, 2016 — Dozens of the raptors crash White Oak Farms each winter to dine on its fields of pasture-raised poultry. With little recourse, the farmers are racing to adapt.
Nature Can't Exist Without Suffering—And We Can't Change That
December 16, 2015 — Just because we want to limit wild animals’ pain doesn’t mean it's a good idea to intervene.
5 Easy Ways to Take Action During COP21
November 27, 2015 — While world leaders are meeting in Paris, you can fight climate change at home. Here’s how.
Fashion Is the Latest “Victim” of Climate Change—And That’s Okay
November 19, 2015 — The New York Times Style section explains why fall fashion is falling victim to warming temperatures. Don’t roll your eyes—get on board.
Obama Rejects TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline
November 06, 2015 — Thanks Obama!
800 Comments and Counting: The Reasoning Behind Our Kingfisher Posts
October 30, 2015 — Our recent stories on specimen collection made waves across the media landscape. Here’s what happened—and how people responded.
Shell Halts Arctic Drilling
September 28, 2015 — “Disappointing” results in the Chukchi Sea spur the oil and gas company to shelve exploration activity.
Wood Thrushes Connect Bird Lovers Across Borders
August 31, 2015 — A crowd-funded geotagging project helped researchers figure out where these birds spend their lives.
Wes Craven, Renowned Director, Dies at 76
August 31, 2015 — The bird lover also served on Audubon California’s board.
Vladimir Putin Flies Over New York
August 17, 2015 — Is this normal bird behavior or a sign that Russia is ascending?