Audubon Magazine Fall 2021


Amid a Drought Crisis, the Colorado River Delta Sprang to Life This Summer

Thanks to a historic U.S.-Mexico binational agreement, water flowing this year is providing hope for the future of a key ecosystem.

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The Strange, True Story of John Williams and Charles Pennock

In the early 1900s it wasn't unusual for men to suddenly go missing. Among them were two accomplished bird experts whose lives turned out to be surprisingly intertwined.

Letter From The Editor

You Can Count on Us

Dependability is the key to success—for birds and journalism.


Why You Should Experience a Hawkwatch

Laurie Goodrich has witnessed 35 fall raptor migrations. She shares why hawkwatching still excites her today.


Look Up! An Introduction to Identifying Raptors in Flight

When hawks and falcons stream across the sky in large numbers, you need a distinct set of birding skills to tell them apart.

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This Stunning Collection of Bird Portraits Explores the Nature of Beauty

Photographer Tim Flach's new book invites us to marvel at the sheer diversity of avian species.

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Birds Are Telling Us to Act

A summer of brutal extremes drove home the urgency of the climate crisis, as well as the benefits of collaborative action to address it.

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An Artificial Island May Be the Lifeline Maryland's Common Terns Need

Seabirds have been in worrying decline in the state's Coastal Bays region, but a makeshift nesting site shows promise to help them rebound.


This Iconic Bird of the Everglades Is Moving to the ‘Burbs

White Ibis are natural wanderers, traveling far and wide for a meal. But now some birds are scoring steady grub by settling in around people. What does that mean for the species’ future—and what does it say about ours?

Professor Trish O'Kane, a woman wearing glasses and a pink and green jacket, stands in a wooded grove in Burlington, Vermont, where she taught an outdoor class during the COVID-19 pandemic.

One Professor’s Quest to Build Community Through Birding Takes Flight

A University of Vermont class that combines ecology, social justice, and mentorship is having ripple effects through local schools—and beyond.

Illustrated Aviary

Reimagining the Common Loon

Building layer upon layer, mixed-media artist e bond coaxes the Common Loon from paper and ink.


Fighting Black Land Loss Helps Birds, Too

Efforts to reform heirs' property laws are expanding access to conservation as a tool to build wealth for historically disadvantaged farmers.


San Francisco Leads Legal Effort Pressing Big Oil to Pay for Climate Impacts

To force fossil fuel companies to cover the costs of unnatural disasters, more than 20 municipalities are suing them over decades of deception.


How a Photographer Captured This Eerie Shot of Godwits in the Haze

Sebastian Velasquez ventured onto a smoky California beach to photograph birds foraging in a landscape choked by wildfire.

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