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How to Catch a Rat

In 2019 a Mexican island that harbors 95 percent of the world’s Black-vented Shearwaters received an unwanted vermin visitor. To nab the interloper, Isla Natividad’s human inhabitants had to get creative.

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The Quest for 'Lost' Birds Delivers Highs and Lows

Thousands of species exist in a liminal space of conservation—they haven't been seen in a long time, but that doesn't mean they are extinct. Groups hope to crowdsource more rediscoveries.

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Lax Pesticide Policies Are Putting Wildlife Health at Risk, Experts Warn

Scientists and advocates say neonicotinoids—shown to harm bees, birds, and other wildlife—need tougher regulation. The U.S. EPA has a key window to take action in the next year.

American Avocet by Phil Wheeler
Illustrated Aviary

Reimagining the American Avocet

Phil Wheeler uses repeating patterns to unite a hungry wader with otherworldly terrain.

Letter From The Editor

Conservation Photography Is About More Than Pretty Pictures

Even some photos that can’t be captured tell a powerful story.

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How Farmers In New England Make Hay for Bobolinks

Grassland birds in the Northeast face growing pressures. Programs that pay farmers to help them offer both a boost.

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This Ambitious Project Aims to Rebuild Louisiana's Vanishing Coastal Wetlands

An influx of Mississippi River sediment promises to provide vital bird habitat and hurricane protection, but not without disrupting livelihoods.

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These Student-Led Audubon College Clubs Are About Much More than Birding

When the pandemic upended college life, the resilient young people leading a new network of on-campus Audubon chapters didn’t let canceled plans and remote learning derail their mission.

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The Violent Cost of Conservation

Each year more people die while attempting to protect the world’s most biodiverse places. It’s a trend poised to devastate the planet itself. How can we stem the rising tide of attacks to ensure a safer future for us all?

Audubon Photography Awards

The 2021 Audubon Photography Awards: Winners and Honorable Mentions

The finest images and videos from this year's competition showed birdlife at its most tranquil, clever, and powerful.


How To Become a Better Bird Photographer: Advice From Audubon Photo Award Winners

Go from beginner to award winner by following these strategies from alumni of our annual bird photography contest.

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