November - December 2015 issue

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The Burning Man of Birding: Inside Iceland's Puffin Festival
November 01, 2015 — For decades Icelanders have celebrated the Atlantic Puffin even while they've served it up on plates. But some traditions can't last forever.
Can Two Frozen Testicles Bring Back the Spix's Macaw?
November 01, 2015 — The discovery of a parrot named Presley could help resurrect a near-extinct species.
Getting Roads Out of the Tongass (Again)
November 01, 2015 — A federal court bars Alaska from building logging routes through vital parts of the forest.
Birds Offer a Way Out(side) for Troubled Kids
November 01, 2015 — Students in Pennsylvania get a lesson on life while building a rain garden for Purple Martins.
For the Greater Sage-Grouse, Commonsense Conservation
November 01, 2015 — A collaborative plan means a real future for the western bird.
Piping Plovers Get a Protected Park in the Bahamas
November 01, 2015 — Thanks in part to the efforts of Audubon's shorebird experts, the plovers' wintering grounds are now a national park.
Canaries in Paris
November 01, 2015 — What's the point of an early warning if we refuse to take heed?
How Plastic Birds Are Bringing Crested Terns Back From the Brink
November 01, 2015 — One man, 300 decoys, and a pair of speakers on a barren island in the East China Sea may just save this critically endangered bird.
6 Horrifying Bird Plagues—and How to Stop Them
November 01, 2015 — These tiny scourges can cause mass casualties among avians.
How Young Chileans Are Saving the Hudsonian Godwit
October 30, 2015 — As fishing, logging, and wind farms take over the island of Chiloé, the shorebird is on the brink of losing its wintering grounds. Now locals are coming to the rescue.
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