Audubon Magazine November - December 2015

Illustrated Aviary

Wild Turkey

Artist James Yang uses basic shapes to illustrate a bird's form and function.

Faith & Climate

Why Paris May Be One Sinking Nation's Last Hope

A reverend and climate activist from Tuvalu explains what's happening in his home—and why the world must act now to save the island and its residents.

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Can Two Frozen Testicles Bring Back the Spix's Macaw?

The discovery of a parrot named Presley could help resurrect a near-extinct species.


Getting Roads Out of the Tongass (Again)

A federal court bars Alaska from building logging routes through vital parts of the forest.

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Birds Offer a Way Out(side) for Troubled Kids

Students in Pennsylvania get a lesson on life while building a rain garden for Purple Martins.

Audubon View

For the Greater Sage-Grouse, Commonsense Conservation

A collaborative plan means a real future for the western bird.

Letter From The Editor

Canaries in Paris

What's the point of an early warning if we refuse to take heed?

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Piping Plovers Get a Protected Park in the Bahamas

Thanks in part to the efforts of Audubon's shorebird experts, the plovers' wintering grounds are now a national park.


How Plastic Birds Are Bringing Crested Terns Back From the Brink

One man, 300 decoys, and a pair of speakers on a barren island in the East China Sea may just save this critically endangered bird.

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6 Horrifying Bird Plagues—and How to Stop Them

These tiny scourges can cause mass casualties among avians.

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