Audubon MagazineMarch - April 2015

Illustrated Aviary

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Gaby D'alessandro channels her love of Dominican home into her art.
International Trade

Turning Poland's Vistula River Into a Shipping Superhighway

Before reopening one of its historic waterways, Eastern Europe takes a look at the environmental benefits—and the downsides.

NOAA Selects Florida’s Biscayne Bay as a Habitat Focus Area

By Alexandra Ossola
March 05, 2015 — Conservationists hope that intervening at a pivotal moment can save it from disaster.

Building a Modern Ark

By Rene Ebersole
March 01, 2015 — Joel Sartore wants a close-up of every captive species on earth—as many as 12,000 animals—before it's too late.
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Profile of an American Rapper

By Jonathan Rosen
March 01, 2015 — Though no Avian Elvis, the Red-cockaded Woodpecker is ready for the spotlight.
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Star Trek: How Birds Use Electromagnetic Cues to Travel

By Peter Friederici
March 01, 2015 — The quest to understand how birds manage nocturnal navigation has consumed scientists for decades. The effects of “electrosmog” may now point to an answer.
Climate Change

Slip Sliding Away

By Gabriel Mac
March 01, 2015 — While locals on the Outer Banks tussle over whether global warming is real and causing oceans to rise, the islands themselves are gradually, inevitably going under.

Lost at Sea: Starving Birds in a Warming World

By Alisa Opar
March 01, 2015 — The Pacific Coast saw record numbers of dead Cassin’s Auklets this winter. We dive in to see what went wrong.
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Big Oil's Best-Kept Secret

By Tessa Stuart
March 01, 2015 — To keep itself off the Toxics Release Inventory, the fossil fuel industry might have a new trick up its sleeve—putting state attorneys general on the payroll.

Britain's Birders Campaign to Legalize Cannabis

By Purbita Saha
March 01, 2015 — A grassroots group in the U.K. is supplying birds with seeds from a forbidden plant.
Audubon in Action

Coming Attractions: Spring 2015

By Purbita Saha
March 01, 2015 — Events for bird lovers across the country.
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A More Perfect Union

By Mark Jannot
March 01, 2015 — Audubon plus Audubon equals a spectacular new website.
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End Game

March 01, 2015 — Five years after the Gulf oil spill, justice is about to be served.

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