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NOAA Selects Florida’s Biscayne Bay as a Habitat Focus Area
March 05, 2015 — Conservationists hope that intervening at a pivotal moment can save it from disaster.
Building a Modern Ark
March 01, 2015 — Joel Sartore wants a close-up of every captive species on earth—as many as 12,000 animals—before it's too late.
Profile of an American Rapper
March 01, 2015 — Though no Avian Elvis, the Red-cockaded Woodpecker is ready for the spotlight.
Star Trek: How Birds Use Electromagnetic Cues to Travel
March 01, 2015 — The quest to understand how birds manage nocturnal navigation has consumed scientists for decades. The effects of “electrosmog” may now point to an answer.
Slip Sliding Away
March 01, 2015 — While locals on the Outer Banks tussle over whether global warming is real and causing oceans to rise, the islands themselves are gradually, inevitably going under.
Lost at Sea: Starving Birds in a Warming World
March 01, 2015 — The Pacific Coast saw record numbers of dead Cassin’s Auklets this winter. We dive in to see what went wrong.
Big Oil's Best-Kept Secret
March 01, 2015 — To keep itself off the Toxics Release Inventory, the fossil fuel industry might have a new trick up its sleeve—putting state attorneys general on the payroll.
Britain's Birders Campaign to Legalize Cannabis
March 01, 2015 — A grassroots group in the U.K. is supplying birds with seeds from a forbidden plant.
Coming Attractions: Spring 2015
March 01, 2015 — Events for bird lovers across the country.
A More Perfect Union
March 01, 2015 — Audubon plus Audubon equals a spectacular new website.
End Game
March 01, 2015 — Five years after the Gulf oil spill, justice is about to be served.
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