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By Design: An Update on Audubon Magazine
March 28, 2018 — After nearly two decades, one creative era draws to a close, and another begins. 
Snakes That Eat Other Snakes Could Help Birds in the South
March 26, 2018 — By restoring the country's indigo snake population, scientists hope to bring balance to ecosystems—potentially benefiting songbirds.
The Bahamas Are Filled With Flamingos Once Again
March 26, 2018 — On the island of Great Inagua, the flashy birds have made a huge comeback.
In Cape Town, a Dedicated Staff Gives African Penguins a Fighting Chance
March 26, 2018 — Populations of these sleek, endangered seabirds have fallen by 98 percent, and they now face a new threat: climate change.
Reimagining the Painted Bunting
March 23, 2018 — Artist Keith Negley adds imaginative flourishes to an exquisite pair of birds.
A Native Plants Movement Blooms in Bemidji
March 22, 2018 — In the North Woods of Minnesota, a city is becoming a haven for birds, bees, and other pollinators.
If You Care About Birds, Protect the MBTA
March 22, 2018 — The landmark law that has saved billions of birds is at risk.
Puerto Ricans Band Together to Survey Birds in Hurricane Maria's Aftermath
January 12, 2018 — Amid power outages, devastated landscapes, and destroyed buildings, birders assessed the storm's avian toll on their Christmas Bird Count.
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