Audubon Magazine Spring 2018

Illustration: Eric Nyquist
Letter From The Editor

By Design: An Update on Audubon Magazine

After nearly two decades, one creative era draws to a close, and another begins. 


Snakes That Eat Other Snakes Could Help Birds in the South

By restoring the country's indigo snake population, scientists hope to bring balance to ecosystems—potentially benefiting songbirds.

American Flamingos in the Bahamas' Inagua National Park. Melissa Groo

The Bahamas Are Filled With Flamingos Once Again

On the island of Great Inagua, the flashy birds have made a huge comeback.

From Audubon Magazine

In Cape Town, a Dedicated Staff Gives African Penguins a Fighting Chance

Populations of these sleek, endangered seabirds have fallen by 98 percent, and they now face a new threat: climate change.

Illustrated Aviary

Painted Bunting

Artist Keith Negley adds imaginative flourishes to an exquisite pair of birds.

Native Plants

A Native Plants Movement Blooms in Bemidji

In the North Woods of Minnesota, a city is becoming a haven for birds, bees, and other pollinators.

Audubon View

If You Care About Birds, Protect the MBTA

The landmark law that has saved billions of birds is at risk.

Christmas Bird Count

Puerto Ricans Band Together to Survey Birds in Hurricane Maria's Aftermath

Amid power outages, devastated landscapes, and destroyed buildings, birders assessed the storm's avian toll on their Christmas Bird Count.

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