Audubon MagazineWinter 2017

Tips and How-Tos

Six Tips for Photographing Bald Eagles

They're big, they're back, and the camera loves them.

How (and How Not) to Photograph a Golden Eagle

Goldens make for gorgeous subjects—if you follow these ethical guidelines.

Five Rules for Photographing Bald Eagle Nests

By Laura Erickson
February 02, 2018 — Everyone wants that shot of a Baldie with eaglets. Here’s how to get one without disturbing the birds.
Behind the Shot

Thanks to Mom, a Photographer Finally Gets His Dream Shot

By Leslie Nemo
January 26, 2018 — Here, Peter Mather shares the story behind this long-sought image of a Bald Eagle and two eaglets.
Tips and How-Tos

Five Hotspots for Photographing Bald Eagles

By Andy McGlashen
January 05, 2018 — The pros tell us about their favorite places to shoot Baldies.

As Border Wall Plans Progress, the White House Flouts Environmental Laws

By Andy McGlashen
December 22, 2017 — Officials confirm the bird-rich Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge is the 'probable' starting point for construction.

Permanence Is Just an Illusion

By Jeff Goodell
December 19, 2017 — In the wake of an especially destructive hurricane season, conservationists and urban planners are grappling with how to protect coastlines—and are increasingly looking to nature for inspiration.

In Search of the Stunning—and Possibly Extinct—Edwards's Pheasant

By George Black
December 18, 2017 — No one has seen the elusive bird in the wild in nearly two decades, but it might still inhabit Vietnam's war-ravaged mountain valleys.
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We Now Know the Real Range of the Extinct Carolina Parakeet

By Sabrina Imbler
December 15, 2017 — After sifting through historic records—and forgeries—a researcher created a much more accurate map of where the bird lived.

In Belize, Finding a Balance Between Conservation and Community Needs

By Janelle Chanona
December 15, 2017 — After an apparent arson at Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, there's a new push to quell decades-old disagreements over fishing and logging.
Audubon View

Get Ready for the Year of the Bird

By David Yarnold
December 15, 2017 — A broad and timely alliance between Audubon, National Geographic, BirdLife, and Cornell steps up to protect birds and the places they need.
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Fossils Buried Deep in Lava Tubes Hold Secrets to Hawaii's Avian History

By Meghan Bartels
December 14, 2017 — Helen James mixes spelunking and paleontology to piece together the lives of the island's extinct and endangered birds.
Illustrated Aviary

Reimagining the Pileated Woodpecker

By Stephen Kroninger
December 14, 2017 — Illustrator Stephen Kroninger's interpretation loses a bird but gains a glossy string of pearls.

Can These Seabirds Adapt Fast Enough to Survive a Melting Arctic?

By Hannah Waters / Photography by Peter Mather
December 12, 2017 — On a remote Alaskan sandbar, under the watchful eye of a devoted scientist for more than four decades, climate change is forcing a colony of seabirds into a real-time race: evolve or go extinct.
Flock Together

A Life Dedicated to Saving Sea Turtles and Shorebirds

By Alisa Opar/Photos by Esther Horvath
October 30, 2017 — Tony Amos spent 40 years rescuing and studying wildlife on the Texas coast. After his death, and in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, a new generation is stepping up to continue his legacy.

Sooty Feathers Tell the History of Pollution in American Cities

By Alex Furuya
October 10, 2017 — Preserved birds and digital photos help pinpoint levels of black carbon and the changes that led to its decline.

Hungry Raptors Make Murmurations Even More Beautiful to Photograph

By Purbita Saha
October 05, 2017 — Starlings are easy to find. But capturing their twisted formations as they evade predators takes commitment and vision.

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