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Florida's Wading Birds Are Nesting In Droves This Year

An extra-wet rainy season shows that, given a chance, the Everglades ecosystem can bounce back from a century of abuse.

Inside the Biomedical Revolution to Save Horseshoe Crabs and the Shorebirds That Need Them

It took a dedicated birder to convince pharma giant Eli Lilly to use a synthetic compound instead of horseshoe crab blood in a mandatory medical test. Now, he hopes the rest of industry will follow.

These Century-Old Photos Inspired Some of the West's First Bird Refuges

By Kenn Kaufman
July 11, 2018 — From early conservation "selfies" to close-up shots of nesting birds, the images are curated from a vast new digital archive.

One Scientist's Valiant Mission to Save Two of Hawaii's Endangered Seabirds

By Paul Kvinta
July 11, 2018 — On the mountainous island of Kauai, elusive shearwaters and petrels burrow deep in the forested terrain. Saving them requires a radical effort, led by a man who is no less extreme.

Teresa Baker, Activist and Hiker, on Why Kids Are the Future of Our Public Lands

By Teresa Baker
July 10, 2018 — Instagram feeds and internships are encouraging young people of color to join the environmental movement. But we can do more.

Check Out Conner Youngblood's Moving Music Video Featuring a Utah Bird Refuge

By Leslie Nemo
July 09, 2018 — The talented performer captures the essence of the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in this immersive ode.

From Nuisance to Nest: This Artist Makes Shelters From Fallen Limbs and Trees

By Brent Crane
July 06, 2018 — An educator and dreamer, Californian Jayson Fann perches his larger-than-life creations on the green cliffs of Big Sur and beyond.

How the U.S. Government Is Aggressively Censoring Climate Science

By Hannah Waters
July 06, 2018 — By keeping the public in the dark, federal agencies create an environment where inaction is justified.
Illustrated Aviary

Reimagining the American White Ibis

By April SGaana Jaad White
July 06, 2018 — April SGaana Jaad White uses Northwest Coast designs to reimagine this Southeastern bird.
Letter From the Editor

The Power of Pictures to Promote Conservation

By Jennifer Bogo
July 05, 2018 — Photography can communicate the beauty and fragility of nature. It can also help build a movement to save it.
Audubon View

Stand Up for Your Public Lands

By David Yarnold
July 05, 2018 — This summer, get outside and get organized to protect America’s national parks and monuments.
Audubon Photography Awards

The 2018 Audubon Photography Awards: Top 100

By Andy McGlashen
July 05, 2018 — Feast your eyes on these always exquisite, sometimes hilarious, images, and find out the backstory behind each spectacular shot.
Audubon Photography Awards

The 2018 Audubon Photography Awards Winners

By The Editors
July 02, 2018 — Another year, another incredible—and incredibly hard—selection of images to choose from.
Northern Pintails. Mark Duffy/Alamy

Meet Eight Birds That Depend on the Farm Bill

By Andy McGlashen
February 12, 2018 — From North Carolina forests to California rice fields, the farm bill is a powerful tool for protecting and restoring avian habitat. As Congress begins rewriting the legislation, birders should pay close attention.

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