Audubon MagazineWinter 2018

Letter From the Editor

When Problems Present, So Do New Opportunities to Help Birds

While we can't predict every unintended consequence, we know enough to head them off.
Tips and How-Tos

How to Set Up the Perfect Perch for Backyard Bird Photography

These tips will get you and your subject in position for a great image.
Tips and How-Tos

How to Capture the Splash Effect at Your Bird Bath or Fountain

By Sandrine Biziaux-Scherson
January 03, 2019 — Freeze water droplets in mid-air to create dramatic bird photography.

A Journey Into the Heart of Alaska's Pristine and Imperiled Arctic Refuge

By Tom Clynes
December 21, 2018 — Paddling along the refuge's coastal plain reveals how oil development threatens one of the nation's last truly wild places.

How Many Birds Disappear Between Migration Seasons? We Now Have a Clue.

By Purbita Saha
December 20, 2018 — New research has found that a third of the avian population that winters in the mainland United States might not survive till spring. But why?

How an Audubon Educator Transformed an Entire Pennsylvania Community with Native Plants

By Alexandra Jones
December 20, 2018 — Thanks to some seeds, soil, and a lot of dedication, students are learning about science, connecting with nature, and greening the city of Norristown.

These U.S. Cities Are Proactively Planning for Climate Change

By John Upton
December 20, 2018 — Guided by science, coastal hubs like the Bay Area are building in resiliency before disaster ensues.

Are Starlings the Key to Making Guam's Forests Sing Again?

By Eric Wagner
December 19, 2018 — Decades after the brown tree snake wiped out Guam’s birds, biologists have an ambitious plan to bring native species back to the stunning island.

The Surprising Connection Between Birds, Facebook, and Other Social Networks

By Kat McGowan
December 17, 2018 — Common songbirds in Britain’s Wytham Woods are providing an unprecedented window into avian affairs—and maybe even our own.
Illustrated Aviary

Reimagining the Tricolored Heron

By Julie Leibach
December 17, 2018 — With a doomed frog and Mexican flair, illustrator Llew Mejia adds a fresh take on this classic print.
Audubon View

From Native Plants to Clean Energy, We Lead Where Birds Need Us

By David Yarnold
December 17, 2018 — Despite headwinds, Audubon landed a number of wins in 2018. There’s plenty to build on next year.

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