Dan Nosowitz

Dan Nosowitz is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn. You can follow him on Twitter @dannosowitz.

Articles by Dan Nosowitz

Skull-binding Bird Photos
April 07, 2015 — How a retired dentist used his technical knowledge to capture incredible shots of birds.
On Thin (and Rapidly Disappearing) Ice
March 26, 2015 — This small Alaskan town is the front line of America’s battle with climate change.
What the Island Scrub-Jay Means for Conservation
March 23, 2015 — New research shows how one species is evolving in an unusual way.
Bald Eagle Parents Get Buried By Snow While Incubating Eggs
March 17, 2015 — Rain, shine, or snow, one Bald Eagle pair in southern Pennsylvania refused to abandon their eggs.
A Little Less Gloom and Doom
March 16, 2015 — Renewable energy went up and carbon emissions flatlined in 2014.
Seattle Girl Befriends Neighborhood Crows, Making Bird Lovers Everywhere Jealous
March 02, 2015 — In return for food, Gabi Mann gets some bizarre gifts from her feathered allies.
6 Birds You Didn't Know Were City People
February 25, 2015 — Pigeons aren't the only birds that shack up in North American cities.
Can 3-D Printing Save This Toucan’s Life?
February 24, 2015 — After an attack, a Costa Rican Black-Mandibled Toucan lost most of its upper beak. Now, with a little help from the crowd, it may get a second chance.
The Bird-brained Idea Behind Japan's Owl Cafés
February 17, 2015 — You might think it's a hoot, but ordering cute owls with your coffee is bad for the birds.
Obama Administration Eyes East Coast for Offshore Drilling
February 02, 2015 — The president’s new exploration plan leaves the Atlantic, Arctic, and Gulf of Mexico open to intrusion.