Joel_Sartore_Birding. A blind at Rowe Audubon Sanctuary in Nebraska. Joel Sartore


Outside your door, on your way to work, at the beach—birds are everywhere. Whether you're a beginner looking for your first pair of binoculars or an experienced birder in search of identification tips, we have it all here for you. So go on, start exploring. 

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The Big Tern Cheat Sheet: How to ID Four Common Species

By Hannah Waters
July 01, 2022 — In summer, North America’s four largest terns are near look-alikes. With a keen eye for detail you can tell them apart.
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Welcome to the Dark Side: Your Guide to Nocturnal Migration Birding

By Jason Gregg
April 04, 2022 — Here’s everything you need to join a growing DIY community where the action heats up when the sun goes down.

From House Finches to President Loki: The Surprises You Find When You Get Outside

By Gabriella Sotelo
March 01, 2022 — How one afternoon of birdwatching for Gaby Sotelo turned into a weekend—and perhaps a lifetime—full of birds.

The ‘Big Boom Theory’ That Could Help Conserve Common Nighthawks

By Carlyn Kranking
January 14, 2022 — New research confirms that males’ wing-boom sound marks hard-to-find nesting sites—a boon for efforts to save these mysterious, declining birds.

How You Can Help Make Birding More Welcoming and Inclusive

By Freya McGregor
January 14, 2022 — It's easy to create a friendly and encouraging birding community when you keep these pointers in mind.

Meet the Bird Guide and Blogger on a Mission to Keep Women Birders Safe

By Cinnamon Janzer
January 07, 2022 — Tiffany Kersten spent 2021 shining a light on the dangers many birders face in the field—and broke a birding record along the way.

10 Fun Facts about the House Finch

By Lauren Leffer
December 21, 2021 — These common and adaptable birds provide a welcome pop of color at feeders from coast to coast. But they weren’t always so ubiquitous.

10 Fun Facts About the Red-tailed Hawk

By Carlyn Kranking
December 03, 2021 — There’s a lot to love about this familiar raptor, from its courtship acrobatics to its masterful hunting.
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Ask Kenn: What’s Up With Bird Color Morphs and Phases?

By Kenn Kaufman
November 24, 2021 — In some species, many adults wear different color patterns from others. Kenn Kaufman explains the phenomenon, and the lingo to describe it.

A New Stunning Nest Guide Celebrates a Different Aspect of Birding

By Rob Rich
November 23, 2021 — The Peterson series displays the variety in crafted structures of a whopping 650 species. Co-author David Moskowitz shares insights from the field.