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Protecting birds across the hemisphere

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Boreal Forests

Nature-based Solutions Needed From Panama’s Coastal Mangroves to Canada’s Boreal Forest

Birds, like so many other living things, rely on the richness of life along our coasts for survival.


1.158 especies de aves, 7.500 millas, 1.000 tazas de café y contando: Conozca a la pareja que está haciendo el primer Big Year a través de Colombia

Mientras cruzan el país contando y documentando aves, los fotógrafos Niky Carrera Levy y Mauricio Ossa también han descubierto cientos de historias de héroes anónimos de la conservación.


1,158 Bird Species, 7,500 Miles, 1,000 Cups of Coffee and Counting: Meet the Couple Doing the First-Ever Big Year Across Colombia

As they’ve crisscrossed the country tallying and documenting birds, photographers Niky Carrera Levy and Mauricio Ossa have also discovered hundreds of untold stories of conservation heroes.


Birds Are Declining in a Supposedly ‘Untouched’ Region of Amazon Rainforest

Bird numbers and diversity are dropping even within the best-protected forests, study finds. The scientists' only explanation is climate change.


To Raise Awareness, Some Colombian Birders Won’t Participate in Global Big Day

Amid social unrest and widespread human rights violations, birding groups are planning a boycott. The decision has spurred controversy.

Least Tern

Latin:  Sternula antillarum


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