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Get Outside

That's where the birds are, after all.

How To Begin Birding

Like birds, but don’t know how to make the leap to becoming a birder? Here are three easy steps to get you into the field.

Summer Birding in the National Parks

Celebrate 100 years with a little birding and a lot of adventure in America's most beautiful spots.
Why I'm a Birder

Jane Alexander

For this Tony Award-winning actress, avian conservation is a big part of being a birder.

The Audubon Bird Guide App

Get the award-winning field guide—featuring 821 species—at your fingertips for free.

‘Knests’ For the Kneedy

This simple DIY project provides plenty of comfort for orphaned birds.
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Winterize Your Yard for Birds

With these 9 steps, you can create an avian winter wonderland and get a jump on spring migration season.
Birds in the News

Want to Attract Beautiful Backyard Birds? Try These Tailored Recipes

Purple Finches prefer berries while chickadees go for pie crust. Learn the right combos for the right birds here.
Get Outside

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Twenty-two state programs, 41 centers, 450+ local chapters, and countless events. Find the easiest way to experience Audubon in person.

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