Audubon MagazineJanuary - February 2015


Who's Who

These owls may wear the same game face, but when it comes to personality, they’re as different as day and night.

A Very Bad Plan

The Nicaraguan government, in league with a Chinese company, wants to dredge a massive canal through one of the world’s richest, most biodiverse regions. What could possibly go wrong?
Climate-Threatened Birds

Pulling North America's Loons Back from the Brink

By Scott McMillion
January 22, 2015 — Restoring a national icon takes luck, patience, and more than a little guile. The backing of a billionaire helps quite a bit, too.
Illustrated Aviary

Reimagining the Southern Caracara

By Luis Seven Martins
January 21, 2015 — Street artist L7m spray paints a wall of art.

8 Great Winter Birding Trails

By Kenn Kaufman
January 17, 2015 — Where to find North America's great diversity of wintertime birds.
Ancient History

Raising Dinos From the Dead

By Alisa Opar
January 09, 2015 — Two artists reconstruct ancient creatures based on fossils.
Threatened Species

Rescuing the Rufa

By Susan Kieffer
January 08, 2015 — As climate change ups the stakes for all birds, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lists the rufa Red Knot as threatened.

Aral Spring

By Rachel Riederer
January 08, 2015 — After years of devastation, the wetlands near a once-magnificent Central Asian lake are showing signs of life.
Birds in the News

Love in the Air

By Bec Crew
January 08, 2015 — Even in the bird world, romance can get messy.
True Nature

Which Came First: the Dinosaur or the Bird?

By Michael Balter
January 07, 2015 — The consensus is in: Birds are living dinosaurs. But how that epic evolutionary leap took place remains one of science’s greatest mysteries.
Edel Rodriguez open season

Open Season

By Alfredo Corchado and Stephanie H. Leutert
January 07, 2015 — With the unlocking of northern Mexico’s vast fuel deposits, there’s trouble on the horizon for wildlife.

David Attenborough Shows His Wisdom, But Never His Age

By Andy Isaacson
January 07, 2015 — The James Bond of wildlife broadcasting still does his own stunts to bring nature to your living room (or mobile device).
Birding Without Borders

Welcome to Birding Without Borders

By Noah Strycker
January 02, 2015 — Can one “bird nerd,” with little more than a backpack and a spotting scope, crush the round-the-world Big Year record?
Audubon in Action

Coming Attractions: Winter 2015

By Raillan Brooks
January 01, 2015 — Events for bird lovers across the country.
Letter From the Editor

Fly Like an Eagle

By Mark Jannot
December 31, 2014 — FlightMap takes conservation to new heights.
Audubon View

Saving Louisiana

By David Yarnold
December 31, 2014 — It’s time for all of us to get involved, no matter where we live.

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