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Windows into Another World: Take a Tour of Bird Blinds Across the Country

What compels birders to hunker down in dark, often cramped structures? An intimate view of avian lives. But as with birds, every blind has its own character—and story.

The Dovekie, a Keystone Arctic Species, Is Changing Its Diet With the Climate

Feeding shifts are helping the seabird survive warming oceans and preserve a reliant tundra ecosystem—at least in the short term.

For Spectacular Shorebird Shots, Go Low

By Meaghan Lee Callaghan
August 04, 2017 — Dropping to shorebird height is key to capturing intimate, sharp photos. These tips and products will help you get down.

Want to Spice Up Your Birding Life? Go Camping

By Alisa Opar
July 28, 2017 — Get to know unfamiliar bird behaviors, sounds, and species by spending entire days and nights with them. Here are a few of your options.
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In Chicago, Controlled Fires Are Helping to Restore Crucial Bird Habitat

By Susan Cosier
July 07, 2017 — The burns, conducted by Audubon Great Lakes and others, stave off invasive plants while spurring new growth at sites across the region.

The 'Smart Nest Box' Provides a Peek Into the Secret Lives of Birds

By Roberta Kwok
July 07, 2017 — The high-tech nesting boxes catch feathered families on camera for science, education, and pure entertainment.

How Genetically Modified Mice Could One Day Save Island Birds

By Brooke Borel
July 07, 2017 — CRISPR, a new gene-editing technology, has the potential to help scientists combat invasive predators. But is tinkering with nature worth the risk?

A Close Look at the Early (and Awkward) Days of Baby City Birds

By Andrew Garn and Meaghan Lee Callaghan
July 06, 2017 — As captured by a New York City photographer and wildlife-rehab volunteer.
Flock Together

The Busy Life of Bob the Flamingo

By Jasper Doest and Meghan Bartels
July 06, 2017 — Once badly injured, the recovered bird now teaches residents of Curaçao about the importance of conservation.

Teddy or Not? How Ryan Zinke Is Failing American Conservation

By Ben Goldfarb
July 06, 2017 — By falling short of his Rooseveltian rhetoric, the Interior Secretary is endangering his department's (and his self-proclaimed idol's) legacy.
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Reimagining the American Flamingo

By Julie Leibach
July 06, 2017 — Artist Dan Winters turns the lanky wader into a 'creature of lore.'
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Politicians Are Offering a False Choice Between Nature and the Economy

By David Yarnold
July 06, 2017 — Protecting birds and the environment doesn’t have to come at the cost of economic health and growth.
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Audubon Remains Dedicated to Practicing Journalism You Can Trust

By Mark Jannot
July 06, 2017 — Our commitment to rigorous reporting stretches back more than a century—and far into the future.
Audubon Photography Awards

The 2017 Audubon Photography Awards Winners

By The Editors
July 06, 2017 — Congratulations to the champions—and to all those who strive to share the beauty of birds.
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In the Arid West, Protecting Oases Vital to Birds Requires Creative Solutions

By David Owen
July 05, 2017 — Like people, birds depend on water, relying on it during migration, breeding, and nesting. But increasing pressures on already scarce Western waters have put birds and other wildlife in a perilous situation.

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