Emma Bryce

Reporter, Audubon Magazine

Emma Bryce is a freelance journalist based in London. Her love affair with birds began when she first clapped eyes on a flamingo. 

Articles by Emma Bryce

Thousands of Baby Flamingos Rescued After Their Home Dries Up
March 07, 2019 — Last month local and international wildlife groups stepped in to airlift and care for 2,000 Lesser Flamingos in South Africa. Now another 5,000 are under close watch in the wild.
Raptors Around the World Are Still Being Massacred. What Can Be Done?
October 17, 2018 — A series of high-profile poisonings and shootings has drawn attention to age-old fears and conflicts that fuel these wildlife crimes.
How Expecting Mother Birds Can Prepare Chicks for a Risky World
March 13, 2018 — We’ve long assumed that stress is bad. But new research shows that it has some unexpected upsides, too.
Helen Macdonald on What Falconry Can Teach Us About Our Relationship With Raptors
November 01, 2017 — In a new documentary, the author of 'H is for Hawk' befriends a goshawk and explores her lifelong fascination with birds of prey, tame and wild.
Secrets of Scat: What an Albatross’s Diet Reveals About Fisheries
October 19, 2017 — By studying fish DNA in albatross guano, scientists can infer where and how the birds cross paths with dangerous fishing vessels.
Why Are Murre Eggs So Pointy? New Research Debunks the Prevailing Theory
May 08, 2017 — Scientists have long thought that a murre egg's shape kept it from rolling off the ledges where the birds nest, but the truth might not be that simple.
Behind the Scenes of BBC America's Planet Earth II
February 17, 2017 — With more feathers than before, the show brings peregrines, birds-of-paradise, and plenty of other amazing avians to your screen. Here's how they got those incredible shots.
At the Tower of London, a Ravenmaster for the Digital Age
October 26, 2016 — An ancient tradition gets a modern update thanks to the social media-savvy caretaker of the Tower's six resident ravens.
Despite Recovery Plan, the U.K.'s Imperiled Hen Harrier Is Still in Serious Trouble
August 29, 2016 — Continued killings by hunting estates and perceived government inaction have conservationists looking for tougher regulations to save the bird.
What’s Going on With the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?
July 22, 2016 — The future of the refuge is still up in the air after a lengthy deadlock in Congress. Here’s what to know about the current state of affairs.