Erica Langston

Erica Langston is a former editorial fellow at Audubon. 

Articles by Erica Langston

Audubon Spotlight: Brooke Bateman Is on Climate Watch
March 19, 2018 — As a senior scientist for the National Audubon Society, Bateman's work focuses on helping birds survive climate change.
Why Are Tropical Birds Popping Up All Over Brooklyn?
May 23, 2016 — A Colombian artist brings her native species to the city to show how exotic climate change can get.
This New Parrot Cafe Will Make You Want to Adopt a Bird
May 19, 2016 — Every year, thousand of parrots are turned over to shelters. Now, a Colorado coffee shop is helping them find their forever homes.
The Arctic Is Shrinking, and so Are Its Birds
May 17, 2016 — In West Africa, Red Knots are 15 percent smaller today than they were 30 years ago—and climate change may be to blame.
Birder, Painter, Troll, and Trickster—the Secret Life of John James Audubon
April 26, 2016 — Known for his famous watercolors, Audubon also had a penchant for pranking friends and possibly even making up birds.
First Wild Whooping Crane Hatches In Louisiana Since WWII
April 14, 2016 — Can one baby crane carry the hopes of an entire endangered species?
The Campaign to Save the World's Shyest Penguin
April 13, 2016 — Sharks, forest fires, and overfishing—life for Yellow-eyed Penguins is no walk on the beach.
11 Terrifying Dinosaurs That Rocked Feathers Better Than Birds
April 08, 2016 — These illustrations will redefine the way you think about your favorite dinosaurs.
When Taxidermy Goes Rogue
March 30, 2016 — What do dead fancy chickens, two Brooklyn artists, conservation, and the ancient art of taxidermy have in common? A lot, actually.
Sagebrush Songbirds Sing Praise For Esri Technology
March 17, 2016 — Collaborative efforts prove that conservation and technology can go hand-in-hand to help birds.