Nicole Lou

Nicole Lou is a reporter for Audubon. 

Articles by Nicole Lou

Ancient Chinese Fossil Linked to Modern Birds
May 12, 2015 — A fossil that dates back 130 million years proves that the group that contains modern birds is older than previously predicted.
Mass Casualties From Climate Change
May 04, 2015 — A new paper in Science estimates that one out of six species will perish from rising temperatures.
Robotic Ostrich to the Rescue
April 27, 2015 — Running birds are paving the way for better walking cyborgs.
Reel Earth
April 22, 2015 — Keep up with the ever-changing world with these six captivating documentaries.
How To Deal With Climate Change? Adapt.
March 13, 2015 — From Three-spined Sticklebacks to Tawny Owls, five different species are adapting to warming temperatures in surprising ways.
A Record-breaking Year for the Great Backyard Bird Count
March 11, 2015 — Birdwatchers report almost half the world’s bird species in just four days.
Shell Could Drill in the Chukchi This Summer
February 24, 2015 — A recent environmental impact statement warns of the dangers but doesn’t forbid drilling in the Arctic sea.
Americans Want Uncle Sam to Do Something About Climate Change
February 05, 2015 — A new poll says that caring about the environment knows no party affiliation.