Photo: Karine Aigner

Undercover federal agents risk it all to take on Miami's burgeoning passerine trade. An Australian naturalist with a checkered past turns his life into a rare-bird safari. A red-and-green faced pheasant brings out the best in sporters. Architects and avian lovers put their heads together to reduce gruesome glass collisions. Plus, grooving grebes, mysterious murrelets, cheery campers, swan saviors, and more in these plucky pages.

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A Long-Lost Parrot Is Rediscovered . . . Then Things Got Interesting

When John Young, Australia’s “Wild Detective,” proved that the Night Parrot hadn’t gone extinct, both man and bird got a shot at a comeback.

Photo: Lachlan Gardiner

The Wildlife Crime Unit Battling Miami's Black Market of Birds

Multimillion-dollar sales of songbirds heap pressure on species already in decline. We go inside the covert investigation to capture traffickers.

Photo: Karine Aigner

Guardians of the Grebe

To protect climate-threatened Hooded Grebes, volunteers camp out at remote, high-elevation lakes in Patagonia for the entire breeding season.

Photo: Ugo Mellone

How Prairie Birds Found an Unexpected Group of Heroes in Hunters

As critical habitat disappears, imperiled grassland species are finding refuge on land preserved for an exotic pheasant.

Photo: Tom Fowlks