Scarlet Macaw. Photo: Camilla Cerea/Audubon

Spring 2017

A security detail for Belize's prized and poached macaws. Working up the food chain to expose the lasting damage of pesticides. Fulfilling a father's final wish with a grail quail and a box of ashes. Snail Kites on the hunt, a magpie that mends hearts, warbler music demystified, new ways to thwart extinction, and more.

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See One of the World’s Coolest, Most Specialized Raptors in Action

Snail Kite numbers in Florida dipped to a worrying low a decade ago. Since then, an influx of exotic snails has helped the endangered birds rebound.

Photo: Mac Stone

Meet the Brave Bodyguards Protecting Belize's Scarlet Macaws From Poachers

To keep macaw chicks safe, a team of rangers spends night and day watching over the birds' nests and homes.

Photo: Camilla Cerea/Audubon

The Same Pesticides Linked to Bee Declines Might Also Threaten Birds

Neonicotinoids are washing off of their host seeds and into water bodies—threatening not just aquatic insects but the birds that rely on them.

Photo: Connor Stefanison