Flock Together

Birds exist everywhere we do, so it’s little wonder that they have been important to human cultures from earliest times. Our Flock Together project aims to explore the varied and rich relationships between birds and people around the world. We're highlighting volunteers at avian rehab clinics, ornithologists dedicated to their research subjects, artists who draw attention to the beauty and plight of birds, regular people who go above and beyond to protect backyard birds, and so much more.

If you know of other great tales of humans and their gloriously unique interactions with the birds they love, we want to hear about them. Send a note (and a photo, if possible) to flocktogether@audubon.org.

A Life Dedicated to Saving Sea Turtles and Shorebirds

Tony Amos spent 40 years rescuing and studying wildlife on the Texas coast. After his death, and in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, a new generation is stepping up to continue his legacy.

Stretching Their Wings

Lauren McGough became a falconer as a teenager. Now her compassionate training with Miles, a troubled Golden Eagle, has given him a new life.

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A Former Soldier Who Found Solace Rehabbing Raptors, Now Helps Other Struggling Veterans

After the Persian Gulf War, Robert Vallières grappled with aneurysms, PTSD, and more. Birds are the ones that brought him back.
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This Tiny Hospital Helps Injured Birds Survive the Commotion of New York City

The Wild Bird Fund tends to thousands of birds with help from committed rehabbers and curious rescuers. Meet some of the patients in recovery.
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Raising Northern Bald Ibis Chicks Requires a Lot of Cuddle Time ... and Spit

Europe’s most endangered ibises just finished their first migration across the Alps, and they couldn’t have done it without their “foster parents.”

The Busy Life of Bob the Flamingo

Once badly injured, the recovered bird now teaches residents of Curaçao about the importance of conservation.

Kite vs. Kite

Paper kites are flown competitively over Delhi—where they slice up raptors like Black Kites. These siblings are patching up injured birds and pushing for safer skies.

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An Annual Rescue Mission to Free Northern Gannets Tangled in Plastic Trash

Without human intervention, dozens of the magnificent seabirds would starve to death at their nesting site each year.
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Video: Bird-Call Competitors Show Off Their Best Quacks, Honks, and Gobbles

Every year young and old callers take to the stage to compete at the National Outdoor Show. Here they share the art of the perfect call.
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Tennessee's Most Historic Hotel Is Also Home to the Greatest Duck Tradition

After more than 80 years, the Peabody Mallards are still marching on, with a young, earnest Duckmaster at their lead.

The Bird That Understands Humans

On the African savanna, a fascinating and unprecedented partnership between people and wild birds gets started with a simple "brrr-hm."

Saving the Sacred Black-Necked Cranes of Bhutan

The people of this tiny country have made huge strides to protect the vulnerable bird, including holding an annual festival each November.

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A Homecoming for the Legendary Swallows of Mission San Juan Capistrano?

Artificial nests and recorded calls could lure the birds back to their celebrated nesting grounds in California.
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Catch and Release: The Mission to Save the California Condor

To protect North America’s largest bird, Chris Parish and his crew must trap and treat the scavengers for lead poisoning.
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Behind the Scenes at Connecticut’s Biggest Baby Bird Nursery

It’s feeding time, all the time, at Sharon Audubon’s animal-rehab hospital.

The Bird That Saved My Family

After tragedy struck, the Blooms struggled to recover. Taking in an injured magpie turned out to be just what the family needed to begin healing.

Mongolia's Noble Eagle Hunters

Since the time of Kublai Kahn, the Kazakh people have allied with raptors to find sustenance in a barren, mountainous land.

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How to Raise a Wild Bird: The Tricks and Costumes Behind the Whooping Crane's Return

Photographer Tom Lynn’s takes an intimate look at a Whooping Crane reintroduction program, from hatching to disguised human parenting to release.
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Dare to Bare Your Bird Tattoo

Check out the winning skin art from this year's Biggest Week warbler fest.
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Peregrines—and a Photographer—Bunk Out at Chicago Man’s Apartment

A flower-box nest provides the perfect opportunity for some close-up shots of a plucky falcon family.
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Jailbird Parrots Return to the Wild...As Fugitives

A parrot rehabber defies the law to set her birds free.
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The Cutest Things at 693 Feet

Peregrine Falcon chicks thrive on NYC bridge towers.
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A Mail Carrier's Mission to Protect Bluebirds

A Virginia postal worker has turned her route into a haven for nesting eastern bluebirds.

How Falconry Turned One Man's Life Right-Side Up

After spending his childhood on the mean streets of D.C., Rodney Stotts found new purpose as a raptor expert and role model for school kids.